How i Braved Anu Aunty and Co-Fouded A Million Dollar Company – Book Review

Effectiveness of Anu Aunty Book can be deliberated by the fact that the very first word about the book comes on my lips is WTF. Yes you got it right, it is WTF. You even can’t imagine how many times it is used in book.

To tell you the truth book is really awe-inspiring and enough worth to motivate you. You must grab this book right away if you are young entrepreneur, student with a desire to do something pioneering, employee with fire in belly or loves to read something enthusiastic. Book is a complete lesson in itself showcasing obstacles faced by one who dreams doing something new in the world and how the author tackled the challenges against Anu Aunty, family and everyone resisted to start a business.


Name of book “How i Braved Anu Aunty and Co-Fouded A Million Dollar Company” states everything about the book nevertheless you would love to read each and every piece of book. Book is written by Varun Aggarwal who was a less than an average engineering student and wasted most of time chatting on facebook, smoking in Shiva’s Chai Shop and one who loved ideas more than tutorials written in his telecommunications engineering books. Varun hates the parents who want their child to become engineer or doctor.

Early Life:

Early chapters are introductory and explain the early life, Anu Aunty, friends, friends and Noon-Wines.

Business Idea:

This is when Varun start thinking about the idea and to change it into business. Where everyone was scared about his future, Varun was making business plans for his new idea with Mal at Shiva’s.

Braved Anu Aunty:

This is undeniably the most interesting part of this book. There is no doubt that Anu Aunty thought about Varun’s future, get him job and did many things to make him better and successful guy. But the business idea that Varun had in mind forced him to brave Anu Aunty. And eventually Varun braved Anu Aunty & Co-Founded a Million Dollar Company.

Business Get Outlined:

This is truly a must read fraction for all young entrepreneurs and one who think beyond to become doctor & engineer. When you think to start and everything oppose you, your parents will become more than your enemy, your friends and next of kin will be there only to de-motivate you, there will not be single buck in your pocket but still you think to start a million dollar company.

Date with Davika:

Apart from business idea Varun also had an awe-inspiring love story. Everyone has a love story and Varun also had two love stories along. One was to start a business of school merchandise and another was to get Davika close to him one day. And sooner or later he acquired everything he wanted.

This book is a love letter from a very passionate entrepreneur to all those people who are sitting at home and have great ideas and are waiting to take that firstly.

One of the fan of Anu Aunty’s Book

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